Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Automated Robotic Welding Cell

custom designed automated robotic welding cell
Sunshine Automation & Tooling engineers validating weld quality with our customer.

A happier workforce is a more stable workforce because they are less likely to leave. This, in turn, further reduces staff training costs because staff are not being recruited & trained only for them to leave. Instead, they remain & do not require further training.  Thus, the automation of processes is not a radical concept, it is simply about making sure businesses can survive within very tough times.

Our customer loves their new automatic robotic welding cell we designed & integrated for them. The cell involves modular fixturing & multiple parts being welded on each side of the positioner. The cell provides a great increase in production & a much higher quality to the finished weldments, all in significantly less time per part which lowers their internal costs.

Automated robotic weld cell positioner by Sunshine Automation & Tooling
Perfect Welds = Happy Customer!
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