Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Short Circuit Current Ratings

Designing & manufacturing custom control panels to meet all current ratings is an expertise Sunshine Automation & Tooling does to protect you. One of the fine details that some companies struggle with is the new SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rating) - the amount of “let-through current“ the system can safely withstand.

We build control panels to SCCR ratings & NEC, NFPA79, UL508A certifications.

We practice the complete calculating process using current limiting rules & have the most up-to-date component SCCR ratings to design/manufacture the safest & most cost-effective panels in the industry. We protect you from those installation code compliance issues which are frequently very expensive.  Whether Sunshine Automation & Tooling is building control panels for your OEM application or part of an automated complete system, we rigorously conform to & are audited for NEC, NFPA79 & UL508A certifications.

Please call us at 941.351.6330 for your next project so we can ensure the safety of your control panels, provide a competitive edge in the market & navigate the ever-changing rules & regulations for you.